Terms & Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions Application

The following terms and conditions, as well as the Website’s privacy policy and any disclaimers, govern your use of the site. Please do not use the Website if you do not agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this notice. The user’s duties under any contractual agreement or document are not replaced by the OPTEK Terms and Conditions. By using the OPTEK website, the user acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement. If the user does not agree to the conditions set out in this agreement, he or she should leave the website and not use any of its features.

2. Regulations of Use

a) The user agrees to the following terms and conditions by accessing and using this website:
  • only use the website for legal purposes;
  • provide and preserve, proper, higher, and reliable info on any published knowledge;
  • blog substances (if available) for which you seem to have all required permissions or permits;
  • take your personal decision, prudence, and good judgment in managing opportunities to acquire offered by or obtained from the website; and
  • endure the risks of any dependence or the use of any components or data.
b) The website will not be used by the user to:
  • assist in or support illegal acts;
  • offend any provincial or national laws;
  • infringe on any third party’s intellectual property and privacy rights, including, but not limited to, patent, copyright, trademark, or trade secrets;
  • publish, comment, convey, or hold any illegal, sensitivities, fraudulent, misleading, confusing, damaging, threatening, hassling, obscene, or objectionable material;
  • violate any contractual or private information responsibilities with OPTEK or a third party;
  • disrupt or interrupt with the blog’s normal operating conditions;
  • use such device, process, or technique to monitor, retrieve, search, or access the website or any content;
  • breach or try to breach any security measures adopted by OPTEK to safeguard the website and their users’ information;
  • except for materials that have been contributed and held by you, copy, alter, reproduce, delete, distribute, download, store, transmit, sell, re-sell, publish, reverse engineer, or create derivative works of any materials, except as specifically authorized herein or to the extent applicable by law;

  • upload or submit any incorrect, fraudulent, or inaccurate knowledge, such as your portfolio, personal data, or job information;
  • impersonate anyone or anything; or
  • misrepresent yourself, your relationship with any third party, or your entity.
c) If the user violates any of the contract terms, OPTEK has the right to restrict you from accessing and using their website and services at their sole discretion. They can do whatever reasonable to prevent you from obtaining while using their website and operations.

3. Third-party websites & hyperlinks

The OPTEK site may contain links to third-party websites that are not associated with OPTEK. OPTEK disclaims any liability and responsibility for the content presented on those websites, as well as any obligation or liability for the websites’ security.

The third-party links on the OPTEK website are offered for your convenience. We make no claim to endorsing, supporting, or sponsoring such websites or any of the third-policies party’s or viewpoints.

Viewers can choose to browse third-party websites using the website’s links at their own risk and discretion. It should not be assumed that OPTEK has reviewed or authorized all of the content on third-party websites.

Users who visit third-party websites are subject to the terms and conditions posted on such sites.

4.Ownership of Intellectual Property

OPTEK owns the intellectual property rights to the content of this website. No one on this webpage should be interpreted by the user as an authorization to utilize OPTEK’s intellectual property.

Except for personal use, you may not download, copy, or print any of the pages on this website unless you maintain all copyright and proprietary notices intact. No copying or dissemination for commercial or business purposes is permitted. There is no framing, harvesting, “scraping,” or other modification of the website’s content allowed. You will not seek to decipher, disassemble, reverse engineer, or change any of the Website’s software, coding, or information, nor will you submit any content to the website that infringes on any third-party intellectual property rights.

OPTEK reserves the right to be completely reimbursed if they incur any loss or damage as a consequence of a claim from a third party as a result of a User infringing on their intellectual property rights by using our website.

OPTEK does not agree with you misrepresenting material from this website as your own. This includes ‘Framing’ this website within another website, as well as duplicating and reusing sections of the website.

Illegal use of OPTEK’s data or material on this website is strictly banned by law.

No header information in any electronic posting or correspondence will be forged by the user.

OPTEK may provide the user with formal permission to use their intellectual property; nevertheless, OPTEK has the right to deny access without fair cause or explanation.

5.Utilization of Cookies

Cookies are used on the OPTEK website to identify visitors, collect statistical data, and store user behavior, movement, and session information. Cookies are used by OPTEK to ensure security, website functioning, and quality of service. Using this website, you agree to the placement of cookies on your device. The user has the option to disable cookies; however, doing so may impair the website’s functioning. The following types of information may be kept in OPTEK’s website cookies:

  • The identification of the page or products you are seeking;
  • The kind of search engine or OS version you are using;
  • The dates and times of entry; and
  • The web address of the webpage from which you traveled to reach our webpage.

6. Policy on Privacy

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) are applicable to OPTEK. Community agrees to be governed by our Security Policy, which is shown on our website, by consenting to these terms and conditions. Before using any features or providing any information to us, users should read and understand our Privacy Policy. It is the User’s exclusive duty to ensure that they have read the Privacy Policy before using the services on our website.

7. Responsibility and Limitations of liability

a) Consumers are entirely essential for securing that they have adequate and suitable material, Connection, telecoms, and Internet access to use the website and services provided through the website. b) OPTEK does not and cannot regulate the flow of data over the internet. This flow is heavily reliant on the functioning of internet services provided or controlled by third parties. At times, the acts or inactions of such third parties can impede or interrupt the internet. OPTEK will take commercially reasonable measures to repair and avoid such situations, but cannot guarantee that such events will not occur. As a result, OPTEK disclaims all liability arising from or related to such incidents. c) OPTEK makes no warranty:
  • the website will satisfy all user expectations;
  • the website will be continuous, quick, accessible, or error-free; or
  • any faults in the website will be remedied.
d) These conditions are in addition to any other terms or policies that may be found on the OPTEK website. e) OPTEK makes no assurance that all website features will be completely compatible. If you use a smartphone to access the website, your wireless network operator may bill you connection speeds and other fees. f) OPTEK provides this website on a “and so is” and “as accessible” basis. OPTEK offers no explicit or implied representations or guarantees about the functioning of this website or the content, contents, or products available on it. You clearly acknowledge that your use of this website is entirely at your own risk.

g) To the greatest degree permissible by applicable law, OPTEK offers no promise that this website or e-mails are free of malware or other potentially harmful components. OPTEK will not be liable for any type of injury caused by the use of this website, including, but not limited to, direct, incidental, accidental, consequential, and compensating losses. Certain jurisdiction laws forbid the exclusion or limitation of certain damages, as well as the limitation or exclusion of implied warranties. If you fall under the purview of these laws, any or all of the disclaimers, exclusions, or restrictions listed above may not apply to you, and you may have additional rights. h) OPTEK offers no promise that this website or its emails are virus-free, and will not be liable for any loss of any kind coming from the use of this website, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages. i) OPTEK will take all possible means to ensure the users’ safety, but makes no promises that the website will not sometimes encounter unauthorized access from users who jeopardize the website’s safety and security. OPTEK will take all reasonable precautions to protect consumers, but will not be held accountable for third-party corruption. Users of the website do so at their own risk.

8. Service interruptions and updates

OPTEK has the right to alter, stop, or cancel any component of the website, including the availability of any online services, databases, or content, at any time. OPTEK has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice by publishing revised terms on the website. When you use this website again after any update, you will be assumed to have accepted the modified terms.

If a system malfunction causes a website outage, OPTEK will use all reasonable efforts to resolve the outage as quickly as feasible. Outages caused by Internet security, hosting providers, and/or Customer or user systems are beyond OPTEK’s control; in such cases, OPTEK will help the user in diagnosing the problem but may be unable to repair it.OPTEK accepts no responsibility for, and therefore will not be answerable for, the website being momentarily unable owing to technical reasons beyond their control.

9. Website Suspension

OPTEK has the right to cancel or suspend this website, or any portion or feature of it, at any time and for any reason.

10. the governing legislation

These Terms and Conditions, as well as any agreement made in accordance with them, are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia. The user and OPTEK are irrevocably and absolutely subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Victoria, Australia.