Optek Franchise

With just two employees and a sea of enthusiasm and dream, Optek International started its journey in a small space where the first office was established in Sydney, Australia. The company has come a long way from there. With a rapid growth, we have turned out to be one of the best and most ideal training and immigration agencies in Australia in a very short period. We are proud to create a big family with different cultures and nationalities and each of us work together to provide the best global career for our students. In addition, our expertise and sustainable work strategies have brought us to the stage where we are representatives of many training providers. It includes famous universities and well-known colleges from all over the world. We have over the years managed to direct thousands of students to facilitate access from our partner service providers. With success coming our way, we have planned to expand our branch by giving out Franchises to have more footprints in other countries in the coming years.


At Optek International, we act not only as Admission and Immigration Agents, but also as your Personal Advisors to facilitate each case; from Admission to Immigration and  PR process. We understand that the decision to apply to study in Australia can be affected and we are aware of the parameters that are included in the monitoring. That’s why we’re here to make your study and adaptation in Australia less stressful.



  • Counseling
  • Admission
  • Migration
  • RPL
  • Student Support
  • Job Placement
  • Health Insurance
  • Professional Year
  • Accommodation Arrangement
  • Pre-Departure Briefing
  • Scholarship Guideline
  • Visa Service
  • Career Advice


What are the things that set us apart from our competitors? There might be good enough reasons why we have decided to go for distribution of Franchises, right? Well, have a look-

At Optek our organizational administration facilitates eloquent planning, and adaptation of effective policies and procedures. These procedures are undertaken to deploy extensive research as per the need of our clients. In order to ensure this, our company maintains an up-to-date license and registration. Moreover, Optek has signed a disclosure agreement with partners, affiliations, and representatives.

Our ethical principles forbade us from providing any deceptive or fabricated information to our clients. However, we may disclose some information to parties to favor our client’s decisions given legal authority.

All our agents at Optek are QAEC certified and are trained professionals who are up to date with the Australian education facilities, legislations, rules, and information. We employ proper human resource management policies to demonstrate an effective working atmosphere and build long-lasting bonds with our clients.

Culture of becoming a family instead of just being a professional institution. Our office culture, peer-to-peer relationships are valued at a high level. Taking our Franchise, you’ll be a part of this incredible journey.

Advantage of being a part of the promotional campaigns. At Optek, we go for a range of promotional campaigns. And as a Franchisee, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruit of our hard work too!


Be a part of Optek International and make yourself a part of our success and achievements. Be a contributor and let us take the standard of our institution to greater heights.