Admission Consultation

Optek offers free counselling appointments. Counsellors certified by QEAC provide tailored counselling in order to meet all of the student's desires.Our experts in the field of counselling have years of experience. A huge number of international students have enrolled in the reputed education providers in their preferred courses in the past few years and have realized their dreams as a result. We offer counselling not only on admissions to Australian education providers, but also immigration advice for international students.

Admission Consultation optek

1st move decision:

Before you apply, talk to us if you’re unsure where to begin or if you think you know where you’re heading but want some expert guidance. Speak with one of our education counselors on a one-on-one basis. Our in-house team of experts will help you to organize the admission documentation for you. Since few of our counselors have been international students at some point in their lives, we can provide you with real empathy. You won’t have any trouble getting counseling sessions at Optek International because it’s completely free.

Information pre- research:

Our team can provide you with information on relevant courses and study destinations, as well as scholarship funds and financial aid. We will research universities and colleges that offer courses relevant to your career path and ideal city after finding the courses that you are interested in. If you wish to continue your education abroad, we will ensure that you have all of the appropriate documents and that you meet all of the requirements. We will handle all of the paperwork and liaise with the authorities and your educational institution, making sure everything runs smoothly. In Australia, the admissions procedure is relatively simple. However, securing admission will necessitate some forethought. That’s where our counselors come in handy. We assist them in understanding the education provider’s application requirements so that they can apply without difficulty. To put it another way, we assist you from the moment you receive an offer letter until you create a Certificate of Excellence.