PR Pathway Guidance

A permanent resident of Australia enjoys many of the same privileges and rights as a citizen, with a few exceptions: A citizen can enter and leave Australia at any time; however, if a PR citizen wishes to go outside of Australia, he or she must obtain a valid permanent visa and travel authorization.

Citizens may vote in Australian government elections, however PR visa holders are unable to do so. The government agency determines whether citizens and non-citizens are eligible for Australian services and benefits.

Methods and visa options :

Thousands of international students studying in Australia wish to obtain Australian Permanent Residency (PR). It has a number of advantages, but getting a PR is a time-consuming procedure. It is not a thing to stress, but a procedure in which you have to plan accordingly and take action on time. An Australian Permanent Residency can be obtained in a variety of methods. To obtain Permanent Residency, you must meet certain criteria.The Australian Migrating program is for everyone. It does not discriminate on the basis of gender, ethnic origin, religion, or colour.If you are a non-resident individual who would like an opportunity to reside, study and work in Australia, you’ll be surprised to know that there are many visa options available to apply such as a skilled visa, a sponsored work visa, a business visa, and a student visa.
You can find an appropriate Australian visa that is meeting your needs with the Visa Finder of the Department of Home Affairs.


We’ll always be available to show you how to improve your ability towards your journey to PR.Along with this, we can advise you on which viva to attend next and which strategy to use. Because each visa has its own set of benefits, we will make recommendations based on your preferences and requirements.