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Our journey was authored in late 2021 in setting up the very first office of Optek International in Sydney, Australia. From the flourish, it's a long journey that is rapidly expanding. It has become one of the leading education & migration agencies in Australia. We have proudly turned ourselves into a big family of diversified cultures and ethnicity, with each of us working together to serve the best global career pathway for our students.

Further, we are planning to extend our branch towards in Australia with more footmarks in other countries in upcoming years. Moreover, our proficiency and sustainable working strategies have brought us to a stage where we are representatives of so many providers in education. In a short period of time, we have gained success by guiding thousands of students.



We at Optek International don't just act as admissions and migration consultants; we also act as your personal counselors, going to great lengths to help you with everything from admissions to migration and PR.

Our organizational administration at Optek makes it easier to plan effectively and adopt effective rules and processes. These methods are carried out in order to conduct significant study in order to meet the needs of our students.

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Who We Are​

Optek International is just not a guideline but solution to problems on students affiliation

One of the leading consultant agencies that work in unison for students to withstand barriers in education and migration to Australia and countries worldwide.

We not only serve as admission and migration agents but also as your Personalize counselors.

Main Reasons to Choose Us

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Located at Heart of Sydney
Fastest Growth
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Experienced Leadership Team
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Diverse courses
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Job Placement


Keep up with us and let us help you, we can make your path obvious
To enjoy accessible, effective and advance service a step closer to your goal. We always appreciate dreams because we invincibly believe that it can transform in reality.

Brand Value

Optek International is the fastest growing agency in Australia, which is working with huge number of clients and laying its branches all over the world. Our brand is highly valued for the experienced counsellors and the fast tracked service it provides to clients via in person or online. We implement highly structured planning and methodologies for each client in order to select their desired course in an afordable institution, appear for visa or to look for a job in Australia or even to apply PR. Our main motive is to help clients develop a clear vision for the type of career they are looking to build oversees and providing support in their venture in the easiest way is our ultimate goal.

Our Success Story

Choosing The Right Course And Provider Is The Key To A Student's Success.

Optek International takes on the responsibility of the students starting from scratch. Our efficient and effective work tactics continue to connect us with students from all across the globe.
Choosing the correct course and provider is crucial to a student’s success. As a result, Optek International assumes all responsibility for the pupils. Our mission has always been to provide the perfect route that would establish us as one of Australia’s premier education and migration organizations since the outset. Optek’s adventure began in Sydney, Australia, and it promises to open offices all over the world. Our effective and efficient work methods continue to link us with students all across the world. Our commitment to our clients has propelled us to the position of being one of Australia’s fastest growing education and migration agencies. Optek’s mission is to cater to students’ unwavering goals to explore the boundaries of higher education in Australia. Our multicultural and multilingual team will work tirelessly to turn every stone in the students’ way in order to suit their educational needs. We treat our customers as if they were members of our extended family, and we coach them in a welcoming environment. Dreams of our clientele will always be our dreams. Their achievement will continue to be our most important objectives.

With Optek, students can tailor their relentless ambitions to explore the frontiers of higher education in Australia. Our dedication towards our clients has brought us to the stage where we stand as one of the fastest-growing education and migration agencies located in Australia and it’s spreading. In a friendly and welcoming environment, we mentor our clients as part of an extended family. The dreams of our clients will always be our dreams.
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Studying Abroad - Sailing Your Ship To The Right Direction!!

While the advantages of Studying Abroad are innumerable, it is very important to acknowledge that the amount of time, effort and finance one need to spend abroad is not easy all the time. There are certain things need to take in consideration prior to the decision of study in abroad. You need to be ready for a unique blend of adventure, challenge and rewarding experience. This unique journey will teach students about life, it’s challenges and prepare them for a better tomorrow. They will stand out not only in the job market but also in every stage of their personal and professional lives. 

At Optek International we guide students from all over the world not just to meet their academic requirements but to choose a right program that will develop their knowledge into practical skills. Our mission is not limited to providing education and migration service but to guide them for a better future. Choosing the correct course and education provider is just like a ship that courses you through a sea of troubles and here at Optek International we aspire to be the Navigator.

With numerous courses to choose from and various places to study from, a student should choose the best suited course and education provider that promises him/her with the utmost return at the end of his/her study period. And our experts are always dedicated to delivering the best possible solution to the students that not only satisfies them but also ensures them a smooth educational and professional journey in Australia.

The steering of the ship is in your hands Captain! Whom are you choosing as your Navigator then???

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