Pre-Departure Briefing

After OPTEK International has completed the visa process, each employee is provided a detailed handbook. Purchasing ticWe ensures that you have a large support network so that you may get the most out of your university experience. We'll assist you with adjusting to life in Australia, making new friends, achieving academic success, and preparing for life after university.kets to travel to Australia is required in order to bring specific products with them.

Pre-Departure Briefing​
Pre-Departure Briefing​

Offerings :

We offer students advice on how to pack and travel on a per-departure basis. Students are also instructed on what to do once they get to the Australian airport. You will always have our supervision and support, not just in terms of instruction but also in terms of mental and physical health.

Guidance :

  • Before you go home, register for a student visa and prepare for your departure, including enrolling online.
  • Costs of life and banking alternatives in Australia
  • Coordinating internet and cell phone coverage
  • How to make arrangements for lodging
  • What to expect at the airport, how to be safe and comfortable in Australia, and our comprehensive student support services.
  • It also includes a comprehensive checklist of all the things you must accomplish before departing.