Skill Assessment

The Skills evaluation is intended to examine your education, work experience, English level and so on. A surveying body completes the aptitudes examination. Various surveying bodies rate various occupations. The appropriate authorities for skills evaluation offer assessments of skills. An organization called a skills evaluating authority verifies that your abilities fulfill the requirements necessary to function in a certain occupation. All pertinent occupations are included under 4 occupational lists in the consolidated list of qualifying skilled jobs. Most of the professions on each list have their own body for evaluating abilities.

If a skills assessment is necessary, it is your obligation to get in touch with the appropriate assessing authority for your line of work. Every evaluating authority has unique assessment practices, deadlines, and fees. For some visa subclasses (and streams), obtaining a sufficient skills evaluation is required, whereas it may be requested for other visa subclasses. To obtain a skills assessment you must contact the appropriate assessment body for your profession. Prepare your skills assessment well in advance of applying for the visa by confirming which skills assessing authority is appropriate for your specified occupation.

Every evaluating authority has unique processes, deadlines, and fees. It may take some time for the evaluating authority to evaluate your credentials and expertise. Along with your visa application, provide a scanned certified copy of the relevant skills assessment. You cannot apply for a skilled migration visa if your evaluation does not yield a favourable outcome.

Skill Assessment​
Skill Assessment​

Skill Assessment Assessing Authorities:

  • ANMAC – Nursing and Midwife
  • AITSL – Teacher
  • EA – Engineers
  • ACS – IT
  • CPA/IPA – Accounting
  • TRA – Chef, Cook, Automotive
  • VETASSESS – Most Trade, Marketing Specialist, Managers
  • AIMS – Medical Laboratory