Professional Year

The focus of the professional year program is on narrowing the gap between graduation and professional employment in Australia. The Australian job market is notoriously competitive and challenging for international graduates. With this program, graduates will be supported in their search for their first Australian job. The practicum program provides students with a short-term internship placement in their area of expertise, building a network that will help them find employment in the future while enriching their knowledge of Australia's work culture.

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What are the benefits of Professional Year ?

The most essential advantage of the Professional Year Program is that it earns candidates five points toward their Australia PR application when they complete it.The curriculum will assist you in gaining a better knowledge of Australian culture.It improves the value of your CV.Through the internship, you will be able to improve your professional abilities.You can develop professional skills and obtain a Professional Year certificate by participating in the internship program.You’ll also get the opportunity to expand your network of industry professionals.

Basis things to have :

The first need is that the candidate has a bachelor’s degree in either accounting, information technology, or engineering.To apply for Post Study Work Stream 485, candidates must have a total score of 6 bands.For Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485, the applicant must score six bands in each module to be registered in a Professional Year Program, according to the Accounting Professional Year Program. For a TR 485 Visa, the applicant must have a minimum of 12 months in hand.

Point distribution :

Each participant will earn 5 points toward their PR goals upon completion of the PY program. This professional year program offers from three different backgrounds that includes engineering, information technology and accounting. To get a job in Australia, most of the time you might need experience. This professional year program will make a bridge between experience and professional jobs. With a great quality internship which will give you a great experience of professional culture in Australia, you will be able to get a job in Australia.

How we will guide you :

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