Health Insurance

Overseas Student Health Cover is a unique health insurance plan for overseas students in Australia (OSHC). OSHC is a type of insurance that is meant to assist overseas students in covering the expenses of medical and hospital treatment while in Australia. Due to these restrictions, overseas students should obtain their Australian international student health insurance before leaving their home country.

International students enrolled in formal studies in Australia have access to several health insurance policies. They cover physician visits, hospitalizations, ambulances, and some pharmaceuticals, as well as limited medical expenses.


Who purchases OSHC ?

Your education provider can purchase OSHC on your behalf, or you can pick your own OSHC-approved provider and pay for the insurance yourself. It’s critical that you have continuous coverage for the duration of your stay in Australia, regardless of who sells it. This is especially true for students who are enrolled in two separate schools, each of which is responsible for arranging insurance on the overseas student’s behalf.

Certificate of Insurance

You will be requested to produce evidence of payment and confirmation that your OSHC coverage will commence when you arrive in Australia when you finish your application.


Our team at Optek international can help our clients to choose the best Health Insurance that meets their needs at an affordable price in order to support their stay in Australia. We offer both Overseas Student Health Cove and Overseas Visitor Health Cover.

Not only that, but we can also buy one for you if you give us authorization.