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You have three options for obtaining Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia: Skilled Migration, Employer Nomination Program, or State Nomination. There are various PR courses provided for overseas students to study in Australia in sectors such as trade, IT, nursing, and others that you may study to seek post-study jobs in the country and obtain PR. However, not all degrees in Australia offer better PR prospects, so if you want to apply for permanent residency, you must be careful while choosing your degree.
We at Optek International not only act as admissions and migration brokers, but also as your personal counselors, going to great lengths to help you with everything from admissions through migration and the PR process. We recognize the magnitude of the choice to apply for education in Australia, as well as the criteria that occur in escort. That is why we are here to make your time studying and settling in Australia as stress-free as possible.

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Each year, the Australian Department of Immigration publishes a list of vocations that qualify for permanent residency, and taking courses in these subjects might assist you in obtaining PR in Australia. The STSOL and the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) are two occupational lists. Students studying in Australia can apply for a post-study work visa under Subclass 485. This is also known as the Graduate Temporary visa. International students who have completed a course related to occupations that are in demand have a good chance of getting an Australian PR visa in 2021.
OTEK offers a number of PR courses and also offers comprehensive instructions on how to achieve pr. Often, in a state of confusion, applicants are confused, lacking direction, and have faulty points. This causes them to not be eligible for PR. Optical offers several PR courses, advice, and training sessions and we also guide you through the process, choosing a point system, and some loopholes, such as some special courses that do not require many points. Our organization has various prospects in store, in addition to a speedier PR procedure and relocation to Australia. It assists with PY (Professional Year) enrolment at reputable providers, as well as NAATI and PTE. Both of these assignments will boost your PR score by thirty points.
We share these loopholes with you to help you decide!