In January 2018, NAATI launched a new CCL Test. It intends to give overseas students who have filed for point-based general skilled migration visas to migrate to Australia an extra five points. The NAATI CCL Test and its accreditation are not open to everyone. As an additional qualification, NAATI will make the pathway to PR smoother. Through our PR services, we guide our clients to the most appropriate preparation courses for NAATI exams.


In Australia, how can I apply for NAATI accreditation ?

Individuals who have been recommended must submit a comprehensive application.
The NAATI website has a ‘Application for Accreditation by Australian Approved Course’ (Form B) that may be downloaded. Please note that after completing your application, you will receive a unique NAATI number within 7 days.

Assessment of Competencies

A skills evaluation determines if your talents are “appropriate” or “unsuitable” for your selected vocation (translator or interpreter) based on our certification requirements.
This implies that if you want to get a skills assessment, you’ll have to test for NAATI Certification. Credentials in Recognized Practicing are ineligible.
Each successful assessment letter will have the expiry date of the assessment clearly indicated. Generally, NAATI skills assessments are valid for three years.


We assist them in obtaining the highest scores and an additional 5 points. Basically, one has to be an interpreter to gain PR from this. To achieve a high score, we offer several segments.