You won't have any trouble getting counseling sessions at Optek International because it’s completely free. We have a team of QEAC-certified counselors who provide effective solutions to ensure that all of the items on students' wish lists are checked off. Apart from that, we have a team of migration specialists with years of counseling expertise. We strive to give students the opportunity to live up to their aspirations when it comes to starting their education in Australia. In Australia, the admissions procedure is relatively simple. However, securing admission will necessitate some forethought. That's where our counselors come in handy. We assist them in understanding the education provider's application requirements so that they can apply without difficulty. To put it another way, we assist you from the moment you receive an offer letter until you create a Certificate of Excellence.

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Study in Australia

Australia is a modern, democratic country with world-class educational institutions, healthcare and a unique geographical location. Because Australia is a safe country with a decent level of living, it is the world’s third most popular study destination for overseas students. Students from all over the world are regularly drawn to the country because of its active lifestyle, inviting culture, and great educational facilities. Read more

Admission Consultation

Optek offers free counseling appointments. Counselors certified by QEAC provide tailored counseling in order to meet all of the student’s desires.Our experts in the field of counseling have years of experience. A huge number of international students have enrolled in the reputed education providers in their preferred courses in the past few years and have realized their dreams as a result. Read more

Achieve Scholarship

The majority of international students wish to apply for scholarships to help pay for their study in Australia. Students sometimes fail in their attempts to obtain a scholarship because they are uninformed of the conditions that must be met. Scholarships are not necessarily awarded based on academic merit; instead, they are awarded based on other characteristics. Read more

PR Pathway Courses

You have three options for obtaining Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia: Skilled Migration, Employer Nomination Program, or State Nomination. There are various PR courses provided for overseas students to study in Australia in sectors such as trade, IT, nursing, and others that you may study to seek post-study jobs in the country and obtain PR. Read more

Career Advice

We at Optek understand how difficult finding work in Australia may be for international students, which is why we provide students with sticky guidelines to help them develop their career paths. We aim to investigate the necessary criteria that will go along with a student’s area of specialization through intensive counseling sessions. Read more