Our Values

Ethical Guidance

At Optek we ensure the information served to our clients regarding education and migration is lawfully accurate. We verify and validate each and every document belonging to our clients from their school degrees to bachelors, to attend course examinations, before we send it away as an application for admission or migration. The guidelines that we provide our clients with are standard as well as ethical. When we make options regarding the future of our clients, we take all ethical parameters that can legally affect the future of our clients into account. Thereby we foster ethical counseling among our education and migration agents to assist in providing quality service to our clients.


Optek facilitates 24/7 support on their helpline as well as online to their clients located at any corner of the world. Moreover, our services are also available via online video counseling. Our team is fluent in seven different languages as a result we are capable at communicating the requirements and aspirations of our clients from all around the world. Furthermore we believe that the pattern we are working in today, might not work for tomorrow. So we always try to implement new ideas and strategies to stay ahead of the race and we believe we make differences.

Client Satisfaction

All through the years our mission and vision had been in achieving client satisfaction by resonating full time commitment towards building a sustainable future for our clients. Our education and migration agents come with in depth expertise as well as experience which has positioned us as leading education and migration consultants. In general the bonding that we share with our clients is long term. Our clients keep visiting us for counseling on every other occasion from getting health insurance, to finding a job, to extending a visa and so on. Thus every day we work hard to create a hospitable atmosphere for our clients to make them trust us with all their aspirations, educational and emigrational issues.


At Optek we take pride in our firm commitment towards international students in their educational journey and represent over hundred top universities and colleges in Australia. The service that our company has been providing has proven to be best and effective for our clients. That is why over the last few years we have emerged with 300 plus success stories of our clients. We remain straightforward and honest as we work hard to deliver offer letters, visa, emergency case solution, spouse visa and so on within the elected time constraint. Our services sought no break, we remain available 24/7 via online and offline to our clients from all around the world.


Our team members work under the agent code of ethics (ACE) framework which ensures professional behavior of individual agents working with Australian international students. This means our agents will be free of bias or conflict in their professional judgments that are solely based on professional knowledge and services. Our agents maintain confidentiality of each client by preserving their personal information. At Optek our agents are inclined to serve our clients in a meticulous manner even at the expense of their self-interest.