Trade Courses In Australia For International Students.

Trade Courses In Australia For International Students.

Did you know that a student who studies trade courses is considered a valuable asset to the Australian economy? Trade courses in Australia train students to provide certain services that are in short supply to residents in Australia. Hence, the students are deemed as an asset and considered to be valuable! 

One of the best ways of getting permanent residency in Australia is pursuing a trade course, because trade jobs in the country are in demand at all times. Many of the jobs appear on the Skilled Occupation List for this very reason.

It is mentionable that the requirement for skilled and qualified tradesmen may vary between industries and across regions in Australia. Employers in regional areas of Australia face more difficulty in filling trade posts as compared to employers in cities, so there might be more job opportunities in the former locations.

Let’s have a look at some of the generalized information regarding the trade courses.



Compared to the degree courses, trade courses in Australia for international students and domestic students are cheaper. The expenses vary depending mainly on duration. Speaking of which, duration is another reason to pursue an Australian trade course.



Compared to university degrees the duration of trade courses in Australia is shorter. It is possible for an International Student to complete an Australian trade course usually within a year or two.


Practical Training

In order to get a trade job in Australia, one will need to meet all the necessary requirements, including academic qualification-related conditions. Trade institutions in Australia provide the kind of training that helps students to get immediate employment. But if anyone has enough practical experience under one’s belt, he/she will not have much difficulty getting a job in Australia or elsewhere.


Business Opportunity

Due to the lesser availability of skilled and experienced tradesmen in Australia, one can even start a business and settle well here. International students may also go down the business road as there has long been a shortage of Australian tradesmen.

And most importantly, completing one of the trade courses in Australia for PR will advance one’s career. One will also have safety and health training related to their occupation besides learning industry procedures and practices. 


So what are those trade courses which can be the best option for career and for PR? Take a look at the most demanding trade courses discussed below with all the relevant information-



As an in-demand job to gain permanent residency, carpentry comes on the list of PR trade courses in Australia as one of the most demandable courses. The course Certificate III in Carpentry will give you the necessary expertise to get employed in Australia’s construction industry as a carpenter. Studying carpentry will mean learning an array of tasks related to construction. 


Study Outcomes

The study outcomes include:

  • Planning and organizing work
  • Installing and replacing doors and windows
  • Constructing ceiling and wall frames, external timber staircases, eaves, and pitched roofs
  • Demolishing minor structures
  • Using power tools and hand tools for carpentry work
  • Reading and interpreting plans
  • Shaping materials and putting components together
  • Roof-framing


Career Path and PR

You will need a formal qualification to become a carpenter in Australia, which can be earned either through a course or through RPL. And if you want to use carpentry as a trade course to apply for permanent residence in Australia, then you will need to undergo the VET (Vocational Education and Training) course.


2.Commercial Cookery

If you want your cooking art to have a touch of professionalism, then a commercial cookery course is for you. A chef’s career can be quite rewarding, offering skills applicable at any part of the world under various scenarios. Australia’s food culture is vibrant and comprises different forms of multi cuisines. Due to the high standards in its hospitality industry and the products that chefs use in the country, Australia is an excellent nation to be a chef.


Study Outcomes

As a participant, you will learn new ways to do things, including the following:

  • Encouraging and Lead a Kitchen Staff Team
  • Calculating total cost of food items in advance
  • Preparing an array of food items
  • Recognizing and assessing service and operational issues
  • Scheduling the flow of work
  • Understanding issues related to legal compliance


Career Path and PR

You will need a formal qualification to work as a cook or in the kitchen of any commercial business. You will need to undergo a course or RPL in order to achieve that qualification. Certificate III or IV is a must if you are taking cooking as a trade course for PR in Australia.

3. Painting and Decorating

Want to bring out your artistic passion into the professional world? Painting and Decorating teaches you what it takes to be a licensed professional in painting and decorating in Australia. After the completion of the course, you can work as one who paints and decorates commercial and residential buildings in Australia or runs a business operation as a contractor in painting and decoration work. An excellent course option for a creative person who also prefers to do manual work.


Study Outcomes

This certification provides-

  • trade outcome of painting and decorating for the trainee in residential and commercial buildings. 
  • running own business as a contractor. 
  • enhancing the creative side as well as learning everything manually. 


Career Path and PR

A formal certificate is not required to become a painter in Australia. However, to be recognized and eligible for a permanent residence visa, one must obtain at least a certificate III through  Apprenticeship.


4. Automotive

A great way to land your permanent residence in Australia is getting started with an Automotive Course. This trade course offers an ever-expanding industry that requires many trained employees capable of designing and manufacturing automobiles to international standards.


Study Outcomes

With Certificate III or IV in Automotive, you will be able to design and work with fast-moving automobile technology. You’ll be able to engage yourself in manufacturing and production sections of the automotive industry. 


Career Path and PR

After the completion of the course in automotive, skills need to be certified by the Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). Then, after meeting the necessary requirements, one can apply for a permanent visa option.


So, these are the most demanding trade courses that might ensure you a swift Career and PR in Australia. If you want to settle in Australia at the least possible time, then make your decision quickly and choose any of these courses that you find fit. 

See you soon! 

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