Top 7 Difficulties for International Students to overcome in Australia

Top 7 Difficulties for International Students to overcome in Australia

It is usual to face a distinct set of obstacles before moving to Australia or any other country around the world.
Some of the common ones are obtaining clearance from an educational institution, becoming a Genuine Temporary Entrant, taking a language competency exam, receiving a scholarship, moving to a different course, overcoming a language barrier, and so on.

Make sure not to overrule any conditions as every action will have its own reaction. Clearly speaking it may have a direct impact on making a dent and have an influence on future study careers.
As a result, it is critical to select the appropriate path from the very beginning.

It is up to us as an educational and migration agency to guide you.
Our certified counsellors will assist you with anything from submitting your application for a student visa to Australia to deciding on a study option.

International students in Australia encounter the following challenges:

Criteria for Admission

One of the difficulties that overseas students confront is in meeting entrance requirements. If you do not produce a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) letter from your educational institution or university, you will be denied a visa. Receive assistance from the appropriate advisors for COE assistance and other academic aspects as Australia has some strict immigration policies. Such assistance will help you double-check all of the details on your behalf. You must also attest set of documents which are obligatory.

Genuine Temporary Entrant

The written declaration from GTE that cannot be left unfinished. Your responses to the long questions are scrutinized by the case officer.
The questions clarify the aim of studying in Australia, the reasons for enrolling in a certain course, the duration, and so on.
Other questions include if you are on a temporary visit or desire to stay permanently, how it aids in the development of a profession, a description of your family’s resources and yearly costs, and whether you want to return to your native country after finishing your studies.

Make no mistake about deceiving the case officer with ambiguous responses.
There’s a risk your student visa application may be turned down.

Details of English Proficiency Test

The English language proficiency test is used by every university or institution to assess a student’s performance. It’s a normal practice that you must adhere to. IELTS and PTE are two of the most widely used assessments in Australia.

For Permanent Residency, you’ll need a strong IELTS score or 100% PTE points. You can earn 20 points for Permanent Residency, and you can improve your chances of studying in Australia by applying for scholarships.

Managing Finances

Are you ready to handle your finances on a yearly basis? As an international student, you must outline how you will pay for your expenditures. Make a point of displaying financial information and demonstrating that you have the right to pay for housing in the island country. Even if you are accompanied by family members, you must present proof that you support their stay.


Despite carefully filling out student visa Australia application data, students frequently submit incorrect transcripts. Leave the job to the educational agents, who will review all documents from the ground up. If they discover any missing information, they will notify you as soon as possible.
Make sure you fill in all of the academic information by attesting various papers. You’ll need a copy of your passport, proof of identification, academic records, a GTE statement, a COE letter, and financial evidence.

Changing to a different subject

You must provide reasonable justifications for your desire to change courses.
It is frequently referred to be one of the most typical obstacles faced by overseas students.
At the same time, international students must provide a valid rationale for their intention to change courses.
It is the university’s responsibility to explain in writing why students are planning to move to a different programme.

A linguistic barrier

When interacting in English with the native people, the majority of overseas students have problems. The Australian accent is difficult to understand and pronounce because it is so thick. As a result, in order to obtain a student visa, one must pass an English language competence exam.

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