Why should you apply for the Australian PY

Why should you apply for the Australian Professional Year Program?

Are you missing out on the points required for Australian Permanent Residency?
If this is the case, the Professional Year Program is designed for international students who have earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an Australian Instituition.

After having completed it, you will certainly be awarded 5 points for PR.
It only applies to graduates with degrees in engineering, accounting, or information technology.

All you need to know about PY

In Australia, the Professional Year Program is a work-based training program. It is beneficial to students when seeking for Permanent Residency. It enables individuals to gain skills via job and study experience, and it assists them in shaping their careers in the Australian workforce. The Department of Home Affairs only acknowledges PY programs that have been recognized by the government.

How is PY structured?

Its structure is developed in such a manner that you may work and study at the same time. Tutors from an Australian organization keep a careful eye on the 44 to 52 week course. They make certain that you gain appropriate experience in your chosen field.

PY curriculum assists students in gaining sufficient work experience, which aids them in finding employment and other opportunities.
Individuals who have graduated from an Australian institution or university, on the other hand, can only register for it.
Simultaneously, the curriculum incorporates a 12-week industrial training program. It is government-approved.It actually adds to the value of your resume. The initiative increases work options in the country, which aids in passing the GSM point General Skilled Migration).

How much does PY cost and how long is it valid?

PY’s functionality is geared for migrating needs. The General Skilled Migration Test criteria reflect the points. You can, for example, claim them once the project is completed. Within four years after the course’s start date, points are awarded. The validity of the full period is referred to as a Professional Year.

You may avail the option of paying for your PY in three installments.

Highlights of some benefits from PY

  • It assists in the development of communication abilities as well as the acquisition of skills in the Australian workplace.
  • You can gain job experience in an Australian firm with the support of an internship.
  • Before applying for an Australian skilled independent visa (subclass 189), claim an extra 5 points on the DIBP’s ‘points test.’
  • It allows you to highlight five areas in your Permanent Residency application while also adding value to your CV.
  • PY may also help you receive a good talent evaluation in IT and accounting jobs.
  • Many overseas students’ professional options in accounting, IT, and engineering are enhanced.
  • It’s built in such a way that it keeps both peers and industry professionals informed.

Check your Eligibility

  • You must be under the age of 50.
  • A graduate or master’s degree from an Australian university is required.
  • Only if you have a degree in engineering, accounting, or Information Technology you will be eligible.
  • If you have a temporary graduate visa (subclass 485), it is advantageous to you.
  • However, you should give yourself at least a year before applying.
  • Obtain a 6 band on the English language test in each module.
  • To help you with your Permanent Residency application, get points.

Finally, it enables international students advance their careers through work-based training.
If you need more information on the many specifics, such as curriculum, skills, and enrollment, please contact our immigration experts in Australia right now!

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