Wondering how to extend your student visa

Wondering how to extend your student visa?

You are at the right place. Here are the five steps to get you started with your visa extension procedure.

Every overseas student must apply for an extension of their student visa  before it expires. Plan ahead of time because the visa will inevitably expire and renewing it will be difficult.

You must comply with the rules and restrictions that you did when you first applied for it. Keep all documentation on hand. The information you supply to the immigration authorities is as follows:

  • Passport copy
  • Previous visas
  • Confirmation of Enrolment letter of the university you enrolled in
  • Degree certificates
  • Sudent visa documents
  • Overseas student health cover etc.

Each of these facts is critical for students planning to study in Australia. In addition to these requirements, overseas students must satisfy the criteria for Genuine Temporary Entrants and provide financial statements. Several of your questions regarding extending a student visa in Australia or reapplying on time may be answered with the assistance of the top Australian education advisors.

The top 5 stages for extending a student visa in Australia:

Stage 1: Register

In any case, you cannot afford to miss the course or quit halfway through. It is critical that you obtain a student visa extension in Australia. The only way to get an extension is to approach the authorities and submit a COE (Confirmation of Enrolment). The Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) is an essential document that must be attached to your student visa application. The course in which you have enrolled must be CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Course for Overseas Students).

Stage 2: OSHC and Health Exam

It is required that you have health insurance. Extend the OSHC coverage before the student visa expires. It does not stop with the insurance. If you had a health checkup a year ago, you must reveal details on a new set of health tests. Get your health checkup started. Only the most recent records will be approved by the authorities.

Stage 3: Documents for Visa

Official documents should be organized. These include health examinations, OSHC, and instructions on Confirmation of Enrollment. You seek to renew your student visa application as an onshore applicant. Every applicant must pay an additional $700 as part of the student visa renewal cost. Every supporting document should be prepared.

The following are some of the student visa specifics:

  • Identity evidence of the applicant
  • Certificate of Birth
  • Identity page on a passport
  • Pages from a household registration book
  • Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

Stage 4: Genuine Temporary Entrance

The most significant aspect of obtaining an Australian visa renewal is meeting GTE standards. In general, it is a written declaration that includes

  • The goal of the study
  • Study time and advantages
  • Situations in the homeland
  • Potential conditions on the island nation
  • Annual family income
  • Yearly student expenditures

It is your responsibility to describe the course structure and advantages to the immigration officer. Other factors include home country circumstances, personal introduction, political and economic context, why you chose to study in Australia rather than elsewhere, and how a certain degree influences your career.

The GTE specifics don’t stop there. It includes how a certain course improves abilities, a list of education providers, course duration, intake, wage structure, and employment prospects in the field.

Step 5: Submit an application for a student visa.

All that is necessary is to give the immigration agency application information. Apply online, and the Department of Home Affairs will take care of your file.

To put it another way, submit it using your Immi Account. After submitting a student visa application, the Department sends you a letter of acknowledgment, along with a copy of your Bridging Visa A. If you feel unsafe, the BVA will safeguard your interests and allow you to stay lawfully.

Australia is a popular immigration destination across the world.

For the past decade, the country has attracted a large number of international students who desire to study, work, and reside in the country. There are several chances available to them, particularly in a booming economy.

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