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OBA – Outcome Based Assessment

For internationally qualified nurses who hold an international nursing qualification that is relevant to but not substantially equivalent to or based on similar competencies to an Australian-approved qualification, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) has transitioned to an outcomes-based assessment (OBA) system.

What amount of fees does OBA require?

There are no costs associated with the online Self-check. IQNMs who are encouraged to advance with the IQNM procedure must pay a non-refundable assessment cost of AUD 640 after completing the Self-check. This money is used by AHPRA to review the IQNM documents and for the orientation.

What’s Outcomes-Based Assessment (OBA)?

The OBA consists of two parts: a multiple-choice question (MCQ) test and an objective structured clinical exam. Before going on to the next step, IQNMs must pass the first.

The first stage is a cognitive evaluation, which consists of a computer-based multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam. To advance to stage two of the OBA, IQNMs must pass the test.

The second stage is a behavioral evaluation in the form of a systematic objective clinical examination (OSCE). The OSCE was created to determine if an IQNM exhibits the knowledge, skills, and competence of an Australian graduate-level nurse or midwife.

What is the purpose of the OBA?

The OBA is an evaluation procedure for IQNMs who would like to register in Australia but whose qualifications are considered to be relevant but not substantially equivalent.

Location for the MCQ test

The MCQ is a computer-based examination that is administered at designated test centers. Separate tests will be required for IQNMs seeking registration as nurse practitioners, enrolled nurses, or midwives. AHPRA must refer an IQNM to take the MCQ examinations.

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