Social Work - A potential career

Social Work – A potential career

For a successful job, a decent education is required. International education has a significant influence on both your professional and personal development. You will get a wide range of experiences while studying and living in a globally varied setting. A global perspective is important in the field of social work. In addition, Australia is one of the greatest destinations to acquire meaningful and high-quality Social Worker Education.

Various essential points connected to this field have been addressed in this article. If you choose to obtain Social Worker degrees in Australia, you will be able to find a plethora of chances. If you are serious about pursuing this job, you should be worried about the following critical concerns and their responses.

1. What is the idea of social work?

Social work is an attractive field of study that is closely linked to psychology. It is work done by well-trained experts with the goal of reducing the pain and suffering of persons who are socially disadvantaged. It is a scholarly and professional field that studies the well-being of individuals and communities.

2. What do social workers do and who are they?

Social Workers are trained professionals who use social theories to analyze human difficulties and assist individuals better their lives, hence benefitting society as a whole. Women, children, and life-threatening conditions are frequently the focus of social workers.

Workers in the social services field:

  • Behave as though they are representing their clients.
  • Clients are taught new skills.
  • Get their customers to connect with important community resources.
  • Ensure that vulnerable clients are protected and that their best interests are upheld.
  • Clients that require aid and support are counseled.
  • Investigate societal issues in order to find solutions.

3. What are the fields where social workers work?

The majority of social workers work in either the social assistance or healthcare sectors, which include mental clinics, NGOs, and hospitals, among others.
They also work for state and local government bodies.
Their responsibilities would include child welfare evaluations, assisting anybody in need of public assistance, and working with anyone involved in the criminal justice system.

4. How much does a Social Worker make each year?

The typical social worker income is determined by a variety of criteria, including specialization, educational background, and other considerations. However, the typical income for a social worker in Australia ranges from around AUD 50 000 to AUD 80 000 per year (the salary is determined by the number of years of meaningful experience a candidate has and the demand for the position in each state).

5. What are the different types of social worker degree programs available in Australia?

In the discipline of social work, there are two types of courses: –

Without any prior study, the bachelor’s degree in social work (Bachelor of Social Work). It may take up to four years to conduct this research.

Master of Social Work / Master of Social Work (qualifying) is a postgraduate degree. This program lasts for two years. These courses have recently been made available to graduates with specializations in psychology, law, and social science.

Due to the wide range of specialisations available, social workers can work in areas such as family or child welfare, psychiatric services, healthcare, elder care, and criminal law and justice.

For social workers applying for an Australia migration visa, the AASW (Australian Association of Social Workers) is the skill evaluation authority. As a result, students taking this course must ensure that it is AASW-accredited in order to receive a good skill assessment result. In order to,

to obtain a favorable skill evaluation for migration considerations.

6. How popular are social workers in Australia? What options do you have in terms of immigration and employment roles?

The occupation of social worker is a huge one that has risen significantly in the previous five years. Based on the information supplied in the Occupation Ceiling, Social Workers were assigned 1562 positions, only 72 of which have been filled. Based on this information, data show that just 4.6 percent of the available positions were filled this year, highlighting the talent deficit. This tendency will continue until more graduates choose to pursue this area. This topic of study is not particularly popular among students, and this knowledge must be widely disseminated in order to significantly alleviate the talent gap.

7. Is it possible to get permanent residency after completing the relevant course?

Since this occupation is on the MTSSL list, students who complete a recognized course from a reputable university will be entitled to receive a positive Skill evaluation from AASW.
They can apply for Permanent Residency (189) without needing to be sponsored by an Australian state or regional area.
A minimum of 65 points is required.

8. What are the prerequisites for this course’s basic entry?

To pursue a Bachelor’s degree, a student must have a suitable high school diploma with a strong grade point average. A Bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields (social welfare, community work, sociology, psychology, nursing, education, criminal justice, international studies, and indigenous studies) is required to pursue a Master’s degree. Admission standards have been seen to differ from case to case. The minimal IELTS score for admission to the course is 6.5 overall, with no less than 6.0 in each component, or PTE equivalent. The English Requirement may also alter depending on which universities are chosen to take this programme.

9. Would you like to start a new career? When and where can you begin studying?

Many Australian universities offer social work programmes.

In today’s environment, social work is unquestionably one of the burgeoning professions. A career as a social worker is one of the greatest options for someone who is enthusiastic about helping others. There are also other options for obtaining permanent residency in Australia.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue a great vocation. You may obtain thorough information and complete advice on choosing the right degree from our Education consultants. They are not only professionals, but they have the experience to give a variety of solutions based on the individual’s needs and circumstances. Not only that, but they will also guide you.

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