Cost of Living in Australia for International Students

Cost of Living in Australia for International Students

International students who reside in Australia need between 1,400 to 2,500 AUD per month to cover all their living expenses, including food, accommodation and other social activities. When you apply for the Student Visa in Australia, keep in mind that you will need to prove you have the financial resources to live and study in the country.

The average budget you will need for some of the most popular cities as well as regional cities in Australia  for International Students are as follows-

Sydney: starting at 1,900 AUD/month

Melbourne: starting at 1,500 AUD/month

Hobart: starting at 1,500 AUD/month

Brisbane: starting at 1,400 AUD/month

Canberra: starting at 1,400 AUD/month

Adelaide: starting at 1,300 AUD/month

Perth: starting at 1,300 AUD/month

Tasmania: starting at 1,300 AUD/month

Cost of Living in Australia for International Students

Now, let us see the cost of living on the basis of  individual criteria-

Accommodation Costs in Australia

A small number of student dormitories for on-campus-accommodation are provided by the Australian Universities. And for this very reason, most of the International Students rent a private property or live with a local family (homestay).

Here’s the Average prices for the most  common accommodation options:

Homestay: 450 – 1,200 AUD/month

Student Halls of Residence: 440 – 1,100 AUD/month

Apartment Rent: 750 – 1,700 AUD/month

Shared Apartment/House: 380 – 850 AUD/month

Besides, other associated costs apart from rent requires extra expenses, like:

Utilities: around 200 AUD/month

Internet: 70 – 120 AUD/month

Food Costs in Australia

Local Supermarkets usually sell all sorts of groceries and require around 500 – 1,000 AUD per month. By shopping at the cheapest supermarkets like Aldi, Coles and Woolworths, you can save a lot.

Average cost of a meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs around 16-18 AUD, while a three-course meal is around 40 AUD. Various Asian, Greek and Italian foods are also available if you enjoy their specific cuisine.

Transportation Costs in Australia

Private transport facilities are provided by some universities that help students who stay on campus or those who need to reach some remote areas.

You can benefit from other discounts from state programmes such as-

  • QLD (Queensland
  • SA(South Australia)
  • VIC (Melbourne)

depending on the region you are staying. Otherwise, a public transport pass for a student costs between 30- 70 AUD/month, depending on the city.

You can also get around using a bicycle by  renting one for around 40 AUD per day.

So, these amounts in precise are the most approximate costs that an International Student will have to bear while residing in Australia. There might be some +/- depending on the conditions. But more or less they will be in and around these mentioned amounts.

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